Mansions and their history

From the historical point of view, we have the Rodirei residence in Kamara, built of large, gray stone and many partitions, in which Karaiskakis headquarters had been installed during the Ottoman domination in the spring of 1825 and 1826.

The National Resistance Museum

Our colleague, Nikos A. Papanikolaou, lived the years of slavery from 1941 to 1944 in Platanos and passed, like all the enslaved Greeks, her tribulations. His experiences were indelibly marked in his memory. In recent years, he wanted to record them by adding as many historical events of the time as accessible by books referring to it.

The Folklore Museum

In 1976, Plataniotis doctor Nikos Papanikolaou had the inspiration to collect some folk art items, old books, photographs and what else he thought deserved for an exhibition, bought a doll dressed by Plataniotissa to put it in the window, wrote a sign with the words "Folk Art" and set up in the village square a small "Museum".

The Evinolimni

Some villages have a lucky star. This is the case with the Evinohoria, who, lost among the ravines of the mountains, deserted slowly when suddenly .. the fate changed their minds about their fate and sent them ... a lake to turn them into a Swiss landscape. And in fact, it did the right time for the mountainous alternative tourism to go to Greece, and people began to search for forgotten corners of the Greek mountainous countryside, away from the crowds of tourists when they needed their escapes to discover a piece of great struggle where do they live. Evinolimni and Evhenohoria are still a paradise for alternative travelers where they will find peace and tranquility, while villages endlessly from the tourist industry offer simple and unobtrusive beauty

Artotivas Bridge

Artotivas bridge is located on the natural road that connects Trichonida with the Nafpaktia mountain, between two rocky and steep hills. It is a reference point for the locals and is indissolubly linked to the history, economy and social life of the wider region. It is the oldest bridge that survives today on the River Evinos, built in a unique position at the narrowest point of the river, just before meeting the tributary of Kotsalos (Dipotamas), on the old path connecting Kato Chrysovitsa with Achladokastro (formerly Artotiva). It served the communication needs not only of the two villages but of the wider region, the mountainous hinterland (Nafpaktia, Karpenissi, Thessaly) with the plain of Trichonda, Messolonghi and the Ionian coasts. In the summer the passer could pass through other parts of the river but during the winter when Evinos is "downhill" it is bound to be driven to Artotivas Bridge.

Agios Nikolaos Platanos

In the center of Platanos stands the imposing Church of Agios Nikolaos with the two golden and grandiose tower towers, built by the Royal Basilica in 1846.

River Kotsalos

One of the most beautiful and favorite places in our village is the riverbed "Kotsalou". Beautiful location with lush water and vegetation, is now established in July and August as a point of coolness and relaxation! Especially with the help of local government, it has turned part of the riverbed into a small pond, so that every single person of every age can enjoy swimming.

The Bridge of Pyonges (Kotsalos)

To the north, Kotsalos, a tributary of the majestic Fidaris (Evinos), passing legibly between the foot of the plateau of Agia Triada and Platonos of Psalmounou, Alonakis, separates Dorvitsa from Platanos. To the east, the stream Kotsaris, springing from the hills of Honey and pouring brotherly brothers with Pocistano in Kotsalos, separates Dorvitsa from Poçista.

The Local Hospital and the School

About fifty years ago, in 1951, with a fundraiser from the Nafpaktian Fraternity of New York and the supervision of Konstantinos Rampouni (Rome), a stone-built traditional architecture building was constructed, the Platanos Hospital, which now houses the Regional Doctor's Office.

Kareli pedestrian bridge

It is a cable bridge hung from large plane trees As you take your walk around the village of Stranoma, definitely take a stop at the Kareli pedestrian bridge on the banks of Evinos, which connects Upper Kambos Streomenas with the village of Dosoulas in Kato Chrysovitsa Thermo . Take a deep breath and walk carefully on the not so stable wooden boards. The view of Kambos with the river's waters rolling down will reward you ... An impression will also be brought to you by the fact that the few inhabitants of Dossola cross it every day to shop!


We are waiting for you to swim in the Kotsalos River