Artotivas bridge is located on the natural road that connects Trichonida with the Nafpaktia mountain, between two rocky and steep hills. It is a reference point for the locals and is indissolubly linked to the history, economy and social life of the wider region. It is the oldest bridge that survives today on the River Evinos, built in a unique position at the narrowest point of the river, just before meeting the tributary of Kotsalos (Dipotamas), on the old path connecting Kato Chrysovitsa with Achladokastro (formerly Artotiva).
 It served the communication needs not only of the two villages but of the wider region, the mountainous hinterland (Nafpaktia, Karpenissi, Thessaly) with the plain of Trichonda, Messolonghi and the Ionian coasts. In the summer the passer could pass through other parts of the river but during the winter when Evinos is "downhill" it is bound to be driven to Artotivas Bridge.